Thoughts on DjangoCon Europe 2021

Hi there, it has been a while since my last post, but I’ m now returning from a great conference: DjangoCon Europe.

It was my first virtual conference. Thanks to the organizers, it was well done despite the difficult circumstances. We had a to meet people, talks hosted in loudswarm, which worked great! It was very interesting. There were great talks and met amazing people!

I’m also exhausted lol. I guess it’s another experience as I imagine and due to the return of people who did it in real life. I hope to have the ability to attend to another one in person. As people said, you come for the syntax and stay for the community!

I gave my first lightning talk at the DjangoCon: “Run Django tests with GitHub Actions” which was a little introduction to GitHub Actions and how to use it with Docker services. I’m completely nervous about things like that but I did it. I’m happy I received some positive feedback. I know also what to improve if I choose to undertake the experience again :)

If you have one in mind, go for it. You will never regret and it’s a good experience. You will help someone or make someone discover something that you didn’t imagine you could. For the sprints, it was complicated for me to manage the two days, but I was able to be mentor for DjangoGirls on Saturday. It was a good experience for me.